What Tablet Should I Get?

Acer TabletOk guys and gals, this is my first post on our new blog page, so bear with me!  What I plan on doing with this blog is giving my tuppence worth on all things computers (well mainly computers!)If there’s anything in particular you would like me to comment on or discuss, by all means send me on an email. If I don’t write a post on it, I can reply through email.

The plan is to talk about some of the things we get asked regularly about down here at Bridge PC Repair.  I hope to do a few posts every month to keep things fresh but I guess it all depends on whether there any interest from you!


Ok first up is Tablets

Last year we sold non-branded tablets, never ever again! At the time they seemed good value, they were ok to use, graphics weren’t great but they were a cheap alternative to Apple or Samsung. Needless to say, they sold quiet well. But then we came back after xmas…

We, well I should say Sandra, was flat out dealing with tablets being brought back with numerous problems ranging from not turning on, to not charging, to systems freezing. Although the non-branded tablets looked and felt like a sturdy enough device, in truth it was badly made and used cheap parts.

This year I STRONGLY advise people to buy a recognised branded name tablet.  At Bridge PC Repair we are selling the Acer 7” (€149) and the Fujitsu 10” (€299). Both are using intel chips and both have graphics that are far ahead of the non-branded  tablets. They are a little bit more expensive but (and I can’t stress this enough) you get what you pay for and save money in the long run!

Apple iPads are still selling great too. We don’t stock them here as there is no price break for us (what you see, is what we see). The best place to get Apple gear is from the Apple Store online. They deliver very quickly and their customer service is really good. It is also worth taking a look at the refurbished section, as the stuff in there is perfect. Could save yourself €100 because of a scratch on the back that couldn’t be seen with a magnifying glass!!

Samsung are probably the leaders at the moment in the Android tablet market. They are that little bit more expensive though and are nearly the same price as the iPads. All depends I suppose whether you like the Apple interface or the Android.

Even when accidents do happen with broken screens, etc.. It will be so much easier to get something fixed on a branded tablet than any of the unrecognised brands. All our tablets come with a 1 year warranty. The big advantage is WE deal with the return of any defective item and you won’t be given a number for Fujitsu, Acer or whoever, to go off and try sort it yourself. Believe me, this is not as straightforward as Tesco or whoever you buy it off, make it out to be!

We have had customers in with us that have purposely driven to Waterford or Wexford to buy a tablet from a chain store because ours is €10 dearer. That’s fine, but if/when something goes wrong, suddenly their  €10 saved doesn’t seem like quite a bargain when they are driving up and down to Waterford!

If anyone has any questions, just send us an email here. We are more than happy to give advise if anyone is unsure.

Zoe and Sandra are at the Christmas Fair in Ballycullane this weekend too, so be sure to pop in and rob a few roses off them! For more details, check out our facebook page.


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