An Garda Siochana Lockscreen Virus

The Garda Virus is a computer virus which will display a bogus notification informing the user that the computer has blocked due to it being involved in the distribution of spam, pornographic material and copyrighted content.

The virus will lock you out of your computer completely and will instead display a message asking you to pay a fine in the form of a Ukash or Paysafecard code.

In order to make the message seem more threatening and real, the virus has the ability to access any webcams on the computer and will display what is happening in the room as if An Garda Siochana are monitoring the user.

The virus notification will look like the image below (although it may change from time to time)

But do not panic!

The important things to remember is that An Garda Siochana will never lock down your computer.  It is a scam and you should ignore any alerts that the virus may display.

Under no circumstances should you send money.

If you do get infected with this virus, call us immediately. Our technicians are experts in virus removal and we can even do it without you leaving the house, using our remote assistance software.

The best way to avoid these scams, is to make sure you are running up to date and effective anti-virus software. Once again, our experts can advise you here about the best anti-virus for your needs.

If you are worried that you may have fell victim to this scam, you should make a report at your loacl Garda station.


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