Unfollowers.com Track your followers and batch unfollow. A must for Twitter addicts!

Is your Twitter feed blocked up with people that you’re no longer interested in, companies that you followed for a competition 3 years ago and never unfollowed, spammers and drama queens?

Unfollowers.com is something you need in your life! You can track your new followers, see who unfollows you and batch unfollow accounts that don’t follow back.


Figure 1


 Sign up is easy. Just login with your Twitter account. There is a premium service but to be honest, unless you’re dealing with thousands of followers the free service will do just fine.  When you login, you’ll see a list of options (Figure 1) which breaks down your followers list. On the free service, you get 100 unfollows a day (stay with me, I swear it’s not as confusing as it sounds!) where you can unfollow accounts that don’t follow back. To do this manually via Twitter would be a pain in the behind, it literally takes less than a minute to unfollow 100 accounts.

The second option is ‘Mutual followback’. These are accounts that you follow and they follow back. Again in this section you can batch unfollow people. 

After that, you can track your new followers and unfollowers and  any @ mentions. You’ll also get a weekly email with these stats.

Another very handy options are the ‘Fake (Zombies)’ and ‘Inactive’  followers. You can unfollow these at the click of a mouse. 

If you want to grow your list of people you follow, you can copy the following/followers of a chosen Twitter account using the ‘Copy following/followers’ option. Handy if your account is new and you’re unsure of who to follow. A lot of people will automatically folloe back so you’ll probably grow your follower too.

 You also get some pretty graphs to chart you followers and unfollowers.

graphAll in all, it’s a handy little website if you use Twitter a lot. Even if you don’t, it will help you get the best out of your Twitter feed and increase you follow list. You’ll find the website here: unfollowers.com


(Has the word unfollow lost all meaning yet? Cause it has for me!)





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