The Importance of Antivirus Protection


goProtecting your computer is a necessity there is no argument about that. Every day, especially more recently, we are being faced with new and more advanced viruses as they hit the internet with each getting more malicious than the last.

It seems as quick as anti-virus solutions advance and update, new viruses come into play with the capability of various acts, from stealing to destroying your information, not just on your personal computer but on your entire computer network. This is what makes it so important to not only have a good anti-virus program installed, but also to ensure the highest level of protection by staying on top of the regular updates.



So, should you go for the Free version, or the Paid subscription Route?

If you store volumes of data on your PC such as business information, banking information, photos, written documents, anything that can result in damages or simply cannot be replaced when compromised or destroyed, then it is vital that you take all the necessary steps to protect this information and data. If you do not store any critical data or files on your computer and require just minimal protection, a free version of software may be sufficient – we recommend Microsoft Security Essentials – but keep in mind that it will require more attention than what a paid version will.

Free anti-virus software usually provides a bare minimum level of protection. It will scan for malware and some may perform automatic scans too but in general with free versions you usually have to check and run the scans yourself. If you fail to do so you will be leaving your PC more vulnerable to virus attacks. One of the biggest drawbacks to going with a free product is the lack of technical support. While most companies offer some sort of phone support for paying customers, free antivirus users must fend for themselves.

Paid versions of anti-virus software provide an all-round antivirus, antispyware and firewall solution accessed through a single interface. Individual components are automatically updated at the same time so you get protection against the latest threats. Some security suites come with multi-user licences, at a reduced rate, so you can install the same protection on two or more computers in your home. Many also include useful extras, such as performance management or backup and recovery tools that can help you restore your computer in the event of a disaster. These paid anti-virus suites often provide better customer and technical support than that of free versions also. Some anti-virus software – free or paid – can place a huge drain on your PC’s system so it is important to seek advice and research what programmes are best on the market at the moment, if in doubt, consult with your local trusted IT solution provider, and get some help making your choice.

It is also important to bear in mind that no anti-virus paid or free will 100% protect you from the new fast advancing viruses that are hitting the internet all the time but by taking precautions and being aware of what will work best for you and your PC needs you will dramatically minimise the risks of losing or damaging data or files on your PC, always be careful of what you are clicking on when browsing the internet and opening links in emails. If you are unsure then DO NOT CLICK THE LINK, do change your passwords regularly and never use anything obvious or repetitively or you will leave your accounts open to being easily hacked.

By installing appropriate anti-virus software and keeping up to date with all the latest scams and viruses and also just as importantly, backing up all your important data and files/documents externally you are less likely to find yourself in a situation wishing you had done these small things sooner (believe me I am speaking from experience). The last thing you want to do is lose years and years of family photos and memories!


If you are confused by it all and need some advice, give us a call here in the office (051 560767) or drop us an email!




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So what do we use?
Here at Bridge PC Repair we trust our own systems to ESET. ESET has pioneered and continues to lead the industry in proactive threat detection, it has award-winning security solutions powered by NOD32® technology (over 26 years of proven research & development) to provide a safer online experience for over 100 million users worldwide. Product offerings range from a single at-home computer user, to full business and enterprise ranges. Here in Bridge PC Repair we are resellers of ESET so call us on 051560767 to get your free business or home quotation today!