The Great Suspender.

Automatically suspend unused tabs to free up system resources

Google Chrome likes to use memory and give your processor a good workout if you keep a handful (or more) tabs open on a regular basis. This can have a negative impact on the speed of your computer, and certainly the life of your laptop’s battery. The Great Suspender solves that problem by shutting those tabs down when they’re not in use.

ejzszj2yaqt8iend5zaoThe extension offers a number of manual options: suspend this tab, suspend all tabs, reload all tabs, and settings. The settings section is where things become particularly useful because you can automatically suspend tabs after a set number of minutes or hours. This way they won’t eat up memory and add to Chrome’s CPU usage in any way until you go back to them and load the page back up.

It’s similar to other memory-saving extensions, including OneTab, but we like how The Great Suspender keeps tabs visible and accessible even when they aren’t active.

For power users, the extension’s tagline of helping to “make you a happier and more productive human” couldn’t be any more true.


The Great Suspender is not available for other browsers but they’re are alternatives.




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