As many as 600 million phones vulnerable to remote code execution attack.

This vulnerability exists regardless of what keyboard a susceptible phone is configured to use. While SwiftKey is available as a third-party app for all Android phones, there’s no immediate indication they are vulnerable, since those updates are handled through the normal Google Play update mechanism.

For the time being, there’s little people with vulnerable phones can do to prevent attacks other than to avoid unsecured Wi-Fi networks. . There is no way to uninstall the underlying app, even when Galaxy owners use a different keyboard.


Phone Scams – What to watch out for and how to avoid them.

It seems like there is a new mobile scam doing the rounds every week and when people become wise to one scam, another is not far behind it.

This is short list of known scams and advice on how you can avoid being scammed.

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These are the Android apps that are draining your battery, using your storage and slowing your phone

Online security company AVG Technologies released its quarterly report this week on the apps that are sucking the most life out of your phone — and taking the most time out of your life. The finger points at gambling, dating and the weather.

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The Notorious Microsoft Scam from the Scammers Point of View

microsoft-scam-calls-450x188It’s best to avoid unknown numbers at all costs but sometimes you let your guard down and next thing you know someone is trying to charge god knows what to your card or trying to steal your identity.

One person on Imgur  tried to get to the bottom of why these frustrating people exist.

It didn’t turn out exactly like they planned.

What follows is the Imgur user’s response to the well-known ‘Microsoft Scam’. This is really worth the read!

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final logo (2)iCandy Marketing. The newest, hottest thing in digital marketing solutions.

iCandy Marketing is a new venture by your favourite PC repair people, Bridge PC Repair. Digital marketing started as a side project for us but we soon realised that we had a knack for it. So from this side project, iCandy was born.

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Save-Money-ImageWhat can you do do ensure you’re getting the best deals on your flights this summer and beyond?

Airlines use yield management algorithms to price their seats. The price is constantly in flux and depends on when and what price other passengers are buying tickets for the same flights – among other more predictable factors such as festivals or holidays. The idea is not only to ensure that as many seats as possible are filled, but that the airline is able to meet the actual costs of the flight.

So, here are some tips on getting the best price possible for your flights!

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The Great Suspender.

Automatically suspend unused tabs to free up system resources

Google Chrome likes to use memory and give your processor a good workout if you keep a handful (or more) tabs open on a regular basis. This can have a negative impact on the speed of your computer, and certainly the life of your laptop’s battery. The Great Suspender solves that problem by shutting those tabs down when they’re not in use.

Continue reading Improve your Vocabulary and Donate Rice to Hungry People for Free! is a great time-wasting website where you can answer multiple choice questions on a myriad of subjects but what makes this site different is that for every right answer, they will donate 10 grains of rice to hungry people in third world countries.

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Is your Twitter feed blocked up with people that you’re no longer interested in, companies that you followed for a competition 3 years ago and never unfollowed, spammers and drama queens? is something you need in your life! You can track your new followers, see who unfollows you and batch unfollow accounts that don’t follow back.
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Recent Java/Chrome Issues. How they affect you and how you can fix them.

In the last month or so, we are inundated with calls and remote support from a lot of people who are having issues with Java and Google Chrome. If you are having trouble accessing your online banking (AIB, Bank of Ireland, etc or the lovely Revenue (ROS) site) then you probably know what we are talking about!

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