internet safety

mobile safetyStaying Safe on your Mobile Devices.

Popular free messaging app has failed miserably in the latest security report.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has published its annual ‘Who Has Your Back?’ scorecard, a report which rates 24 tech giants for security and data protection compliance. WhatsApp rated just one star out of a possible five. The company, which is owned by Facebook, had adopted none of the best practices recommended by the EFF.
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The Notorious Microsoft Scam from the Scammers Point of View

microsoft-scam-calls-450x188It’s best to avoid unknown numbers at all costs but sometimes you let your guard down and next thing you know someone is trying to charge god knows what to your card or trying to steal your identity.

One person on Imgur  tried to get to the bottom of why these frustrating people exist.

It didn’t turn out exactly like they planned.

What follows is the Imgur user’s response to the well-known ‘Microsoft Scam’. This is really worth the read!

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