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Skype is a fantastic free computer program that enables people to speak to each other for free over the internet. It’s also possible to use Skype to make cheap calls to a land-line or mobile telephone. Our step-by-step guides will have you up and running on Skype in no time.

What is Skype?

Skype is a computer program that offers a VoIP (‘Voice over Internet Protocol’) service. This lets you make calls to people all over the world via your computers or telephone and have text chats. Calls between computers are usually free, and other Skype calls are generally inexpensive. With more than 650 million registered users, Skype is by far the most popular VoIP service, and ‘skyping’ is now almost as familiar a term as ‘googling’.
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Ever been stuck at home when your network goes? You’re stuck there wondering ‘Is the network down or is it just me’? Rather than relying on your family or friends to confirm or deny that it’s ‘just you’, you need It’s a very simple and striaghtforward website that foregoes all the usual bells and whistles. Simply go to the site, look for the service you’re having issues with and see if other users are experiencing problems or not. It has all the major phone networks in Ireland, services like Netflix and the Playstation Network and TV services such as Sky and UPC among many others. naughty list

Each company has a page with lots of info including a graph displaying outages in the last 24 hours, most reported problems (as a %), resolved issues (%) and the users can also add comments, usually to vent their frustration. Probably the most important bit if info is the Live Outages Map. This is a map showing where all the reported outages are coming from. So, you can see in an instant if people in your area are reporting issues. There are also links to the companies help centres and social media platforms.

The website also maintains a kind of ‘naughty list’. This is the 10 companies with the most issues that week.

It’s a very handy website for quick checks but as the reports are user generated, the information should be taken with a grain of salt.


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GIMP; the free Photoshop alternative.

GIMP Photo-editing Tool

GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a free Photoshop alternative designed for photo editing, touch ups, animations, and image creation.

If you’re familiar with Photoshop, you’ll recognise most of the tools available. The familiar panels of brushes, layers, paths and other tools makes it easy to figure out. Continue reading

This weeks App of the Week is short and Sweet! Flipd for Android wants to lock you out of your phone addiction


Sometimes, you need a break from smartphoning, and ironically enough —your smartphone can help! This time its an app called Flipd, a no-nonsense app that cuts you off from your smartphone. Once you select a determined time-out time and hit “Flip Off,” you’re locked out. You can select certain contacts that you can still call if need be, but that’s pretty much it. Smartphones are wonderful communication devices, but they can be excellent distraction machines as well. Continue reading

The Great Suspender.

Automatically suspend unused tabs to free up system resources

Google Chrome likes to use memory and give your processor a good workout if you keep a handful (or more) tabs open on a regular basis. This can have a negative impact on the speed of your computer, and certainly the life of your laptop’s battery. The Great Suspender solves that problem by shutting those tabs down when they’re not in use.

Continue reading Improve your Vocabulary and Donate Rice to Hungry People for Free! is a great time-wasting website where you can answer multiple choice questions on a myriad of subjects but what makes this site different is that for every right answer, they will donate 10 grains of rice to hungry people in third world countries.

Continue reading Track your followers and batch unfollow. A must for Twitter addicts!

Is your Twitter feed blocked up with people that you’re no longer interested in, companies that you followed for a competition 3 years ago and never unfollowed, spammers and drama queens? is something you need in your life! You can track your new followers, see who unfollows you and batch unfollow accounts that don’t follow back.
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PriceSpy – Compare prices and products,

google-headquarters-sign.jpgPriceSpy is a price and product comparison service in Ireland. It’s a pretty easy and foolproof way of ensuring that you are getting the best price for the product you wish to buy. 

Categories include Home and Garden, Audio and Video, Sports and Outdoor, Computers and components, Phones and GPS, Lifestyle and Beauty, Photo and Video, Games and Consoles and ‘More’ so you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

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App of the Week – Skitch

If you’ve always felt traditional screenshot applications are too much trouble, Skitch is what you’ve been waiting for.

skitchWhen your standing next to someone, pointing something out is as easy as could be–just lift a finger or nod, and they get what you’re talking about. But as soon as the Internet comes in the middle, this sort of quick visual communication becomes much more difficult. Skitch can restore the visual element to digital communication.

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App of the Week – AdBlock Plus


AdBlock Plus. Surf the web without annoying ads.

This weeks App of the Week is not an app but a browser extension. App or Browser Extension of the Week wasn’t a very snappy title though!

Ads are everywhere these days when you’re surfing the web. Banner ads, sidebar ads, autoplay videos, popup ads, ‘YOU ARE THE MILLIONTH VISITOR. CLICK HERE TO CLAIM YOUR PRIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’. It can make it difficult to read the content on a site and can ruin your surfing experience.  They are pretty much universally hated; in the list of lovable things in the world, ads rank pretty far down. On TV, in movie theatres, in magazines and online, ads are forced upon us and are impossible to avoid. Except that’s not true online. Ad-blocking software can be used to filter out the stuff you don’t want to see, making for a happier web browsing experience. Continue reading