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App of the Week – AdBlock Plus


AdBlock Plus. Surf the web without annoying ads.

This weeks App of the Week is not an app but a browser extension. App or Browser Extension of the Week wasn’t a very snappy title though!

Ads are everywhere these days when you’re surfing the web. Banner ads, sidebar ads, autoplay videos, popup ads, ‘YOU ARE THE MILLIONTH VISITOR. CLICK HERE TO CLAIM YOUR PRIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’. It can make it difficult to read the content on a site and can ruin your surfing experience.  They are pretty much universally hated; in the list of lovable things in the world, ads rank pretty far down. On TV, in movie theatres, in magazines and online, ads are forced upon us and are impossible to avoid. Except that’s not true online. Ad-blocking software can be used to filter out the stuff you don’t want to see, making for a happier web browsing experience. Continue reading