App of the Week – Skitch

If you’ve always felt traditional screenshot applications are too much trouble, Skitch is what you’ve been waiting for.

skitchWhen your standing next to someone, pointing something out is as easy as could be–just lift a finger or nod, and they get what you’re talking about. But as soon as the Internet comes in the middle, this sort of quick visual communication becomes much more difficult. Skitch can restore the visual element to digital communication.

Skitch is an application from Evernote that tries to make this sort of information as easy to relay virtually as it is in real life, by making it easy to capture screenshots and annotate them (or any other image).

Where other apps pile on the bells and whistles, Skitch goes out of its way to keep things simple and coherent. It launches very quickly, and has a vertical toolbar with a just seven tools, each with a large, clear icon. These are traditional image annotation tools: An arrow for pointing things out, a text tool, a color picker with a limited palette of just eight colors, a rectangle you can surround objects with, a highlighter, a “pixelizer” for blurring out details, and a crop tool.

Skitch is fun and simple to use, and you don’t need to read a manual or go through atedious tour before you start using it. Just run it, open up an image, annotate, and send. Effective visual communication, accomplished.

Name: Skitch

Category: Productivity

Available: Windows, iOS, Android


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