Zoe received an email today saying someone (she was blaming the child straight away) had signed up to Netflix on her iTunes Account. The email looks pretty real and with an 11 year old with an ipod touch, it was very believable too!


Email Scam

When you get an email that you’re not sure of, take an minute to look at the details. Who did it come from (this email was not from iTunes). Type the email address into Google for more information on the whether the sender is legitimate or not. A quick search on Google shows this sender (service@eir-refund/com) is a scam or phishing email.

When you look at the start of the email, it addresses Dear …..@yahoo.co.uk. If this email was in fact sent from iTunes, or any other company Zoe has an account with, the email would address her name or username from the account and not her email address. This is a sure sign that the email is not legitimate.

The reason for the email is to get you to click the link to unsubscribe from the Netflix service. By clicking this link, it will prompt you for details of either your credit card, or your iTunes account, and that is where is does the damage.

Please be careful, these scammers are getting better and better at finding ways to catch you out, but be aware of the signs and don’t give out any details via email or telephone without being sure of the situation.

If you think you may have been caught out by a scammer of you feel you need some support, please call us here in the office on 051 560767.


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