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Scam AlertScams have always been a part of using the internet, between bogus websites or bogus software e.g., registry cleaners etc., there’s never been any shortage of scams out there.

I’m sure we’ve all received an email from a Nigerian prince who wants to deposit a few billion into our accounts and then give us a few million for our troubles! But lately there seems to be even more scams popping up and systems being hacked which could lead to valuable information being stolen. So this blog is all about letting you know what to do to avoid anything like this happening to you. .



Scam #1

First off, If you are browsing the internet and you see pop up advertisements come up on your screen, DO NOT click on them. While many may be harmless, there could always be the chance that one is going to be harmful to your computer. So if you do see them, close them down and run virus and spyware scans to make sure your computer is clean. Here at Bridge PC Repair we use Super Anti Spyware to scan & check our machines for any impending threats or viruses.


Scam #2

Next up is phone scams, many people have had a phone call from a company claiming that your machine is in danger and they need you to let them access your machine so they can clean it. NEVER let these people access your machine. They might seem genuine on the phone like they want to help you, but it’s the complete opposite. They’ll eventually tryand get you to go to a website they recommend which will actually infect your machine. They will then tell you that your machine is infected and that they will clean it for you. They will then ask for credit card details to take payment for this. NEVER give out any of your details to these people, do not tell them any information such as passwords etc. So if you do get a call like this, HANG UP!


Scam #3

Finally, with all the recent security threats on the internet, it’s crucial that you change your passwords on a regular basis for all your online accounts.And also it helps to use certain techniques when creating a new password such as, using random combinations of numbers, letters & symbols, not using one single password for all of your accounts, avoid easy to guess passwords e.g. 1234, abcd, and finally do not tell your password to anyone!All this will help ensure that no hacker can gain access to any of your accounts which could hold valuable information. Just this week news came out that CyberVor, a group of Russian hackers, hacked 1.2 billion usernames and passwords from almost half a million websites worldwide. The problem for them now is how to use that information, but believe me, they will find away. So this is all the more reason to change your passwords regularly. It’s a pain in the ass but the amount of people that use the same password for everything is amazing.

If you have any questions or your worried something like this has happened or could happen to you, give us a call in the office on 051-560767. Better to be safe than sorry!




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