Recent Java/Chrome Issues. How they affect you and how you can fix them.

In the last month or so, we are inundated with calls and remote support from a lot of people who are having issues with Java and Google Chrome. If you are having trouble accessing your online banking (AIB, Bank of Ireland, etc or the lovely Revenue (ROS) site) then you probably know what we are talking about!

Java error message

Java error message

The problem is between both Java and Chrome, both have been updated and now Chrome is blocking Java from loading your Certs into these sites. Chrome will need to be tweaked in order for Java to work. Reason for this is that Google is wanting users to move away from Java to a more stable software that will hopefully keep this running better than Java has in the past, I’m pretty sure everyone using Java has had trouble with it at some point or another ,all the more reason to move away from it I guess.

Now, we can tweak Chrome to make Java work with it again but it’s not going to be a permanent fix, at best the fix will last until September at the latest and then it will be completely blocked by Chrome and then you’ll have no choice only to move over to what is suggested by Chrome.

If you are having the same problem then give us a call in the office on 051-560767. We can help sort this remotely (Teamviewer) or you can call into either of our offices in Wexford or Waterford. God forbid you keep the taxman waiting!!


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