Phone Scams – What to watch out for and how to avoid them.

It seems like there is a new mobile scam doing the rounds every week and when people become wise to one scam, another is not far behind it.

This is short list of known scams and advice on how you can avoid being scammed.

The Missed Call Scam.

The mobile phone user will have a missed call on their phone that appears to come from an 086 number. When the user returns the call, they are unknowingly calling a premium rate service that appears to be based in Slovenia or other East European country, sometimes as far a field as India. Oftentimes, they are connected to a premium rate sex-line. So how can you avoid this scam? Firstly, and Irish 086 number will be prefixed by 353, the international dialing code for Ireland. This is your first warning sign. If you’re still unsure, a simple Google search of the number  will tell you what country the number is calling from. If you think you have fallen victim to this scam, you are advised to contact your phone provider to see what, if any, charges they have incurred.viber scam

The Unexpected Lottery Prize

Users of Viber and WhatsApp have been targeted by this scam recently. The scam is pretty simple. Users receive a message stating that they have won a prize, usually an iPhone or whatever is the in demand phone of the moment. The user is directed towards a link where they are asked to input a 4 digit code that was included in the message. This is where the scam really starts.

There are a myriad different types of scam used by the people behind including subscription scams where the user is asked to pay a subscription fee to receive their prize (the subscription could be up to €10 a week, and believe me, cancelling these subscriptions is no easy feat), download scams where the user is asked to download a fil in order to prove they are human and receive their prize. This download could be a virus, malware, adware or a keylogger.

The old adage of ‘if it seems to good to be true, the it probably is’ works very well in this instance. You don’t just win phones in giveaways you didn’t enter. This applies whether it’s phones, money or any other prize! The best away to avoid being scammed is to use the power of Google. A 5 minute Google search will give you all the info you need. In fact, when you type ‘Viberpromo’ into Google, it autofills with ‘Viberpromo scam’, that really is all you need to know!

Ringtone Subscription Scams

These scams might attract you with an offer for a ‘free’ or low cost ring tone. What you may not realise is that by accepting the offer, you are actually subscribing to a service that will keep sending you ring tones—and charging you a premium rate for them. There are many legitimate companies selling ring tones, but there are also scammers who will try to hide the true cost of taking up the offer.

The scammers don’t tell you that your request for the first ring tone is actually a subscription to an expensive service. A scammer will also make it difficult for you to stop the service. You actually have to ‘opt out’ of the service to stop the ring tones and high charges. Some people have been charged over €100 for what they thought was one ring tone. Don’t reply to these text messages—even if you only want to ask a question or turn down the offer. If you reply, you could then receive many more similar messages, or even be signed up to the ring tone service automatically. If you have already been signed up and are receiving unwanted ring tones, reply with the word ‘Stop’. If you are still receiving ring tones, you should report it to your phone provider. If you want a fancy ring tone, find a reputable supplier and make sure you know the cost (upfront and in the future).

The most important tip is to use your common sense and be vary. There’s always going to be someone trying to scam you. If you do get targeted and feel that you may have infected your PC with a virus, give us a buzz here in Bridge PC .

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