614893-609373-290One of the worst things that can happen to someone’s computer is a hard drive failure, if you haven’t done a backup, you could lose everything! It’s essential to do a backup of your files on either an external hard drive or a usb pen in case of a failure. Here are some common signs of a potential hard drive failure:

  • Extremely slow speeds – startup& software load times etc.
  • Loud clicks and ticks from inside your machine.
  • Machine freezing
  • Blue screen errors
  • Corrupt files


If you have any of these symptoms, it’s worth having your machine checked over and even more importantly, do a backup! With any of the above symptoms, your hard drive could fail at any minute and then there is a risk of no files at all will be recoverable.


It won’t hurt to have your hard drive checked, especially with business users that really rely on their machines to run the business, data loss can be a disaster!



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