How to add and manage new users in Windows.

Step 1

Locate the Control Panel. This will vary by version of Windows. For Windows 7 and below, click the Start button and it will be on the right hand column. In Windows 8, the Control Panel  is accessible from the top or bottom right “hot corner”. Simply drag the mouse pointer to either corner until the menu appears along the right edge of the screen. Click on Setting and a new  pane will pop out and you can then choose Control Panel..

Step 2

Click on User Accounts and Family Safety.This may be called different names depending on your setup and Windows versions. Just look for the word User and you’ll be on the right track.

user 1

Step 3

In User Accounts and Family Safety you will see any users that have been set up and an option to set up a new account.Click on this.

user 2


Step 4

In this screen, you will be asked to choose a name for the new account and the type of account. You should choose the name of the person who will be using the account to make it easily recognisable.

The type of account you choose depends on who will be using the account.For instance,if it is a child’s account pick Standard User and it it will restrict the changes they can make to the PC. When multiple people are using one PC or laptop it’s best to have just one Administrator to avoid confusion.

Once you have entered the account and user type,click Create Account.

user 3


Step 5

Once you’ve created the account,you can click on it from the User Accounts and Family Safety screen and make changes. It’s recommended that each account has it’s own password. To do this simply click on Create Password which will take you to the next screen.

user 4

Step 6

From this screen, the user can create a password for the user account.

user 5


Having password protected user accounts on a PC that is used by multiple people is strongly advised as it will keep all your files and data safe.It also means that each user can have the PC set up they way they like it without annoying the other users of the computer, eg wallpapers, browser settings.

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