Facebook Clean Up & Clear Out!

Facebook ChangesHave your Facebook page numbers dropped? Are you starting to panic?


Today (12th March 2015) marks the day Facebook clear out all the old inactive accounts from its system. All those accounts that were set up by people and then never used, or used for spam and other useless annoying ventures, are being removed by Facebook from today. Why do you care????

You may notice the number of your friends dropping (which isn’t a big deal, these people were never really online anyway), but more importantly, if you have a business page, you may notice a drop in the number of page likes your business has. Now like with most businesses, we work hard to generate these likes so seeing them disappear like this is going to be hard to take. We’re a little anxious ourselves about the change. But to be honest, we should be celebrating the drop in numbers not crying over it.


Facebook use your insights and interaction to determine whether your page and its content are interesting to people or not. These inactive likes on your page, distort the results and bring the percentage of your pages interaction down. So with them gone, your page will actually work more efficiently and get a more active following from people who are actually interested in what you are promoting.
A lot of businesses make the mistake of thinking the amount of page likes you have is what’s important. But do all these people who like your page do business with you? Do they buy from you or use your service? If not, then why are they of any benefit to you or your business? Having valued page likes, from people who actually use your service or buy your products, that’s what matters. Quality likes are worth their weight in gold and they are worth putting the time and effort into running a good Facebook campaign. They are where you will get the return.


So when your page likes drop over the next few days or weeks (depending on how long it takes Facebook to get to everyone) don’t panic, be glad Facebook cleared out all the junk for you, and build on the valuable following you have moving forward.


If you need any help managing your page or need some advice for your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We would be happy to help get you moving in the right direction and show you the great big world around using Facebook to your businesses advantage.



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