Warning – ESB/Energy Supplier Scam Alert


The Commission for Energy Regulation (CER) has issued a warning about bogus callers.

The Commission has received reports of call being made to its business customers of energy suppliers. The caller tells them their account is due for payment and requests credit card details from the customer in order to prevent disconnection due to non-payment.


The scammer claims to be from ESB or other energy supplier. In other reports, the caller informs the customer that a meter exchange programme is being carried out by the energy supplier for which the customer must pay. Again, the scammer requests credit card details.

Currently, the reports suggest that business customers are the ones being targeted by the scammers but domestic customers could potentially be contacted.

The scammers provide the customer with a number where they can reach customer services but this number can only be reached by a mobile phone and may be a second tier of the scam where the number is a premium rate number that charges.

The Commission for Energy Regulation states that ALL disconnection notices are in writing and the must give 10 days’ notice for domestic customers and five days’ notice for business customer.

Please be cautious. If you do receive one of these calls, you should contact your energy supplier via the number listed on their website or any bills/correspondence you have received from them. NEVER GIVE YOUR CREDIT CARD DETAILS TO UNKNOWN CALLERS.

If you have any questions or your worried something like this has happened or could happen to you, give us a call in the office on 051-560767. Better to be safe than sorry!




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