Eircom.net email user? Get rid of it!


Eircom WebmailHey guys,  after the week we had last week, I decided to write this blog about email accounts and more specifically, eircom email accounts.


From Tuesday night last week, my phone was hopping with calls from eircom email account holders (350,000 accounts in Ireland) about not being able to receive or send emails or from users who use Microsoft outlook to access their eircom accounts, they were being asked for their password.  The problem took about 2 days to be rectified with some customers being without email access for up to a week. This is just not acceptable any more.


What amazes me though is the amount of people that use eircom email (and there are alot of ye) for their business. Eircom email is ok (only ok) for personal use, but if you intend to have any sort of decent volume of emails passing over and back, get the hell away from it!


The big thing for people is fear, but its so easy to phase out an email address. That email address is yours for life, so its easy to get access to it at any time. If you use outlook, you can set eircom as your secondary email and still receive emails, but can send emails from your primary address. Put a signature at the end of all your emails notifying people of the change of email address too. You can do the same from gmail.


In my opinion, any business should have its own domain name .e.g www.ronanmc.com. That way I can use anything I like @ronanmc.com  e.g info@ronanmc.com, sales@ronanmc.com, iamthegreatest@ronanmc.com.  A domain name and email hosting is very cheap these days (€50 – €100 per year) and looks so much more professional. You can easily set it up through outlook or can gain access through a generic email account (www.mail2web.com) from anywhere in the world.


For a personal email address, I’d recommend Gmail. Very easy to set up and loads of extra settings for advanced users like importing other email accounts etc. And of course, it can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Even shielbaggan.


Look, any email server can go down at any time, but the frequency with eircom is too much. Nowadays realibilty is key. As much as we’d all like too, if we’re shut off from the outside world for too long, its like losing an arm or leg!


If you are confused by it all and need some advice, give us a call here in the office (051 560767) or even drop us an email!




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