Here in Bridge PC Repair we are always telling our customers about the importance of a good, strong password.

I recently read somewhere that around 70% of all internet users use the same password across multiple website accounts; this is actually quite alarming considering that if a hacker does manage to get the password to one of your accounts they may then have access to more than just that account. A recent online study has also revealed that some of the most commonly used passwords are “password”, “123456” and “12345678”. No wonder hackers find it so easy to gain access to our accounts!


You need to create a password that won’t be easy to guess, has a mixture of upper and lower case numbers and digits. This will help make it more difficult for cyber criminals to gain access to any of your important online accounts


Some companies such as Microsoft, whose popular programs include the likes of, Outlook, Xbox, OneDrive etc., won’t allow you to be able to use passwords such as those above and you will be told to “choose a password that’s harder for people to guess” if you try to use anything that is too simple. It’s not only for your benefit but it also helps the likes of Microsoft protect your accounts to the best of their ability, it would not reflect on them too well if their users accounts were getting hacked all the time!


Here are a few tips on how to create a strong password, to keep your online accounts safe:

• Use a unique password for each of your important online accounts
• Don’t use personal information or common words as a password
• Use a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols in your password
• Keep your passwords secure
• Make sure your backup password options are up to date and secure
• Passwords are at least eight characters long.
• Does not contain a complete word


So when it comes to changing your password, if you suspect that yours is too easy to guess, then change it, the longer the better and don’t forget to use capital letters and numbers too. It might be a pain to try and remember but at least you will have peace of mind when it comes to worrying about your online accounts getting hacked!


If you need help with resetting your passwords or have any questions at all please give us a call in the office on 051560767.



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