Free Antivirus vs Paid Antivirus

What’s the best antivirus?

Being a home user, free antivirus is an attractive option. Especially with so many good ones. But do you actually get better protection if you pay for it?
If you’re talking strictly antivirus, then typically no. It’s not common practice for companies to give you weaker protection in their free versions. In most cases, the free antivirus protection is just as good as their pay-for version.
But I would argue that the companies who offer only a pay-for version will typically be better than those that offer a free one, simply because it takes a lot of resources to keep up with the changing landscape. And selling antivirus is how they support their research.

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Cryptolocker – The Most Deadly Computer Virus that Locks all your Files

Cryptolocker Computer Virus


Hi folks, as we all know there are thousands upon thousands of viruses out there just waiting to infect our PC’s. Nearly everyone knows they need some sort of Anti-virus to protect their systems, be it free or the hassle-free, paid version! Up until recently I would have been advising people that the free anti-viruses out there like AVG or Avast are adequate enough, depending on what you are up to of course, but now after having 2 machines in, in the last week with this cryptolocker virus (ransomware), I am advising EVERYONE to get a good PAID anti-virus. It might cost you €40/50 for a decent one but could save you thousands in the long run.


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A security flaw in Android phones could give a hacker control of your mobile phone via a simple text message without you doing anything or even knowing. New research has claimed hackers could easily gain access to you android phone and use its camera, and microphone to spy on you or more.

Mobile security experts at Zimperium have discovered that by exploiting Android’s media library, called Stagefright, sending a single video message to your phone can gain them access. You do not need to play the video, click on the message, or interact with it in any way. As soon as you have received the text message, your phone is already infected, and the hacker has full control of your android phone. “It really is up to their imagintaion what they do once they get in,” said Joshua Drake, security researcher at Zimperium.

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As many as 600 million phones vulnerable to remote code execution attack.

This vulnerability exists regardless of what keyboard a susceptible phone is configured to use. While SwiftKey is available as a third-party app for all Android phones, there’s no immediate indication they are vulnerable, since those updates are handled through the normal Google Play update mechanism.

For the time being, there’s little people with vulnerable phones can do to prevent attacks other than to avoid unsecured Wi-Fi networks. . There is no way to uninstall the underlying app, even when Galaxy owners use a different keyboard.


Phone Scams – What to watch out for and how to avoid them.

It seems like there is a new mobile scam doing the rounds every week and when people become wise to one scam, another is not far behind it.

This is short list of known scams and advice on how you can avoid being scammed.

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An Garda Siochana Lockscreen Virus

The Garda Virus is a computer virus which will display a bogus notification informing the user that the computer has blocked due to it being involved in the distribution of spam, pornographic material and copyrighted content.

The virus will lock you out of your computer completely and will instead display a message asking you to pay a fine in the form of a Ukash or Paysafecard code.

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Attention all Bank of Ireland customers




We got this off our main Anti-Virus partners today:

ESET Ireland warns that Irish computers are being targeted by an email scam involving the name of the Bank of Ireland and redirecting to a fraudulent Polish address.
ESET Ireland is regularly monitoring email scams targeting Irish mailboxes.


In the past few days we have seen an increased frequency of the following message:

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Remote Support is the way Forward*

*(unless your internet is down)

Remote SupportHi guys! We already do a lot of remote support for customers here in Bridge PC Repair and we are now going to push this part of our business even further.

Here in Bridge PC Repair we use software called Teamviewer. Its freely available online and through our website. The software is 100% secure and safe and depends totally on the end users agreement. Once any remote session is completed, the Technician (us) cannot connect to the end users (you) machine again without authorisation. The end user also, at all times, can see exactly what the Technician is doing on their machine and can terminate the session at any time.
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Get Smart Online

Scam AlertScams have always been a part of using the internet, between bogus websites or bogus software e.g., registry cleaners etc., there’s never been any shortage of scams out there.

I’m sure we’ve all received an email from a Nigerian prince who wants to deposit a few billion into our accounts and then give us a few million for our troubles! But lately there seems to be even more scams popping up and systems being hacked which could lead to valuable information being stolen. So this blog is all about letting you know what to do to avoid anything like this happening to you. . Continue reading