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As many as 600 million phones vulnerable to remote code execution attack.

This vulnerability exists regardless of what keyboard a susceptible phone is configured to use. While SwiftKey is available as a third-party app for all Android phones, there’s no immediate indication they are vulnerable, since those updates are handled through the normal Google Play update mechanism.

For the time being, there’s little people with vulnerable phones can do to prevent attacks other than to avoid unsecured Wi-Fi networks. . There is no way to uninstall the underlying app, even when Galaxy owners use a different keyboard.


Phone Scams – What to watch out for and how to avoid them.

It seems like there is a new mobile scam doing the rounds every week and when people become wise to one scam, another is not far behind it.

This is short list of known scams and advice on how you can avoid being scammed.

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The Notorious Microsoft Scam from the Scammers Point of View

microsoft-scam-calls-450x188It’s best to avoid unknown numbers at all costs but sometimes you let your guard down and next thing you know someone is trying to charge god knows what to your card or trying to steal your identity.

One person on Imgur  tried to get to the bottom of why these frustrating people exist.

It didn’t turn out exactly like they planned.

What follows is the Imgur user’s response to the well-known ‘Microsoft Scam’. This is really worth the read!

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Attention all Bank of Ireland customers




We got this off our main Anti-Virus partners today:

ESET Ireland warns that Irish computers are being targeted by an email scam involving the name of the Bank of Ireland and redirecting to a fraudulent Polish address.
ESET Ireland is regularly monitoring email scams targeting Irish mailboxes.


In the past few days we have seen an increased frequency of the following message:

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Remote Support is the way Forward*

*(unless your internet is down)

Remote SupportHi guys! We already do a lot of remote support for customers here in Bridge PC Repair and we are now going to push this part of our business even further.

Here in Bridge PC Repair we use software called Teamviewer. Its freely available online and through our website. The software is 100% secure and safe and depends totally on the end users agreement. Once any remote session is completed, the Technician (us) cannot connect to the end users (you) machine again without authorisation. The end user also, at all times, can see exactly what the Technician is doing on their machine and can terminate the session at any time.
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Get Smart Online

Scam AlertScams have always been a part of using the internet, between bogus websites or bogus software e.g., registry cleaners etc., there’s never been any shortage of scams out there.

I’m sure we’ve all received an email from a Nigerian prince who wants to deposit a few billion into our accounts and then give us a few million for our troubles! But lately there seems to be even more scams popping up and systems being hacked which could lead to valuable information being stolen. So this blog is all about letting you know what to do to avoid anything like this happening to you. . Continue reading

The Importance of Antivirus Protection


goProtecting your computer is a necessity there is no argument about that. Every day, especially more recently, we are being faced with new and more advanced viruses as they hit the internet with each getting more malicious than the last.

It seems as quick as anti-virus solutions advance and update, new viruses come into play with the capability of various acts, from stealing to destroying your information, not just on your personal computer but on your entire computer network. This is what makes it so important to not only have a good anti-virus program installed, but also to ensure the highest level of protection by staying on top of the regular updates. Continue reading

FBI warn computer users to protect machines from powerful ‘Gameover’ virus.


goOn June 2, 2014, the Department of Justice and the FBI announced a multinational effort to disrupt the GameOver Zeus botnet, believed to be responsible for the theft of millions of dollars from businesses and consumers in the U.S. and around the world.


GameOver Zeus is an extremely sophisticated type of malware designed specifically to steal banking and other credentials from the computers it infects. It’s predominately spread through spam e-mail or phishing messages. Continue reading

The Biggest Internet Threat In History

heartbleedComputer users are being urged to change passwords because of an internet security problem. It is feared a bug known as “Heartbleed” has left sites, including those with the “secure padlock” icon, open to being hacked.

An encryption flaw called the Heartbleed bug has left a collection of popular websites exposed in one of the biggest internet threats the internet has ever seen. What makes Heartbleed so profound, is that it has managed to go undetected for two years. It is unclear whether any information has been stolen as a result but if you have logged into an affected site over the past two years, your account information could be compromised, allowing cybercriminals to snap up your credit card information or steal your passwords.. Continue reading