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614893-609373-290One of the worst things that can happen to someone’s computer is a hard drive failure, if you haven’t done a backup, you could lose everything! It’s essential to do a backup of your files on either an external hard drive or a usb pen in case of a failure. Here are some common signs of a potential hard drive failure:

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At Bridge PC Repair we use TeamViewer Remote Login Software to assist our clients on a regular basis and provide solutions without them leaving the office!

With TeamViewer Remote Login Software for your computer, you have everything you need right in front of you. Remote support, remote access, and online meeting software that the world relies on – 1 billion installations and 20+ million devices online at any time.
Support, assist, interact, and collaborate with people. Exchange information. Access and use technology. One tool makes it possible to work as if you were all in the same room without travel time and expenses.

If you feel you need some support, please call us here in the office on  051 560767.

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Ronan is the Director and brains behind Bridge PC Repair. With over ten years experience in the technology industry, sure he knows it all.

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Free Antivirus vs Paid Antivirus

What’s the best antivirus?

Being a home user, free antivirus is an attractive option. Especially with so many good ones. But do you actually get better protection if you pay for it?
If you’re talking strictly antivirus, then typically no. It’s not common practice for companies to give you weaker protection in their free versions. In most cases, the free antivirus protection is just as good as their pay-for version.
But I would argue that the companies who offer only a pay-for version will typically be better than those that offer a free one, simply because it takes a lot of resources to keep up with the changing landscape. And selling antivirus is how they support their research.

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Getting started with your Chromecast

chromecastThe Chromecast is a handy little gadget that we all need in our lives. This small HDMI dongle (it’s not much bigger than a USB stick) turns any TV or monitor into a portal for online entertainment, and does it for around €40. You can get in a few places but your best bet is the Google Play Store. Postage is free and you’re buying direct from the source which always has its benefits.

The Chromecast is made by Google, but it works with almost any device; laptops (Windows and Mac), phones (Android,iOS and even Windows Phone!) and your Android and Apple tablets. This is the best feature of the Chromecast — you can use the devices you already own to send video, audio and images to your big screen. Continue reading

Fibre Broadband. You need it in your life!


Ok guys, unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m sure you’ve heard of fibre broadband or at least know that up to three quarters of the country currently have a crap internet speed/service.

Netflix, on demand services like RTE Player and online gaming means that the need for faster internet is becoming a major issue for many.

All of the above can be tricky to do unless you have quality high speed internet. People in cities across the country already have the luxury of high speed internet but now fibre broadband is finally being rolled out to a lot of rural parts of  the country over the coming months (about fecking time). There are big advantages to this for both the home and business user.


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Remote Support is the way Forward*

*(unless your internet is down)

Remote SupportHi guys! We already do a lot of remote support for customers here in Bridge PC Repair and we are now going to push this part of our business even further.

Here in Bridge PC Repair we use software called Teamviewer. Its freely available online and through our website. The software is 100% secure and safe and depends totally on the end users agreement. Once any remote session is completed, the Technician (us) cannot connect to the end users (you) machine again without authorisation. The end user also, at all times, can see exactly what the Technician is doing on their machine and can terminate the session at any time.
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The Importance of Antivirus Protection


goProtecting your computer is a necessity there is no argument about that. Every day, especially more recently, we are being faced with new and more advanced viruses as they hit the internet with each getting more malicious than the last.

It seems as quick as anti-virus solutions advance and update, new viruses come into play with the capability of various acts, from stealing to destroying your information, not just on your personal computer but on your entire computer network. This is what makes it so important to not only have a good anti-virus program installed, but also to ensure the highest level of protection by staying on top of the regular updates. Continue reading

Is your pc running slow?

SSD Hard Drive

Does it take too long to start up or shut down? Are you one of those people that goes off and makes coffee before the machine has even booted up? If yes, then you should really think about upgrading your laptop/desktop with a SSD!


An SSD (solid-state drive or solid-state disk) is a storage device that stores persistent data on solid-state flash memory. SSDs actually aren’t hard drives at all, in the traditional sense of the term, as there are no moving parts involved. Instead, an SSD has an array of semiconductor memory organized as a disk drive, using integrated circuits (ICs) rather than magnetic or optical media. Continue reading

What Tablet Should I Get?

Acer TabletOk guys and gals, this is my first post on our new blog page, so bear with me!  What I plan on doing with this blog is giving my tuppence worth on all things computers (well mainly computers!)If there’s anything in particular you would like me to comment on or discuss, by all means send me on an email. If I don’t write a post on it, I can reply through email.

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