Busy for Christmas? Don’t neglect Facebook and Twitter.

Christmas is the time to be social.It’s only October but if you’re in business you’ve started thinking about Christmas three months ago.

What’s going to be popular this year, what stock do I need, what advertising am I going to do, fresh marketing material, new deals, Christmas clubs, bundle offers, etc. etc. The elves in your business are hard at it. When something new comes along, or we get busy, we tend to list things in priority, focus on the top and the rest falls to the side. We concentrate so much on the ideas and ordering, we forget to tell people about it.

When things get quiet and you need to get word out, you turn to Facebook and Twitter to remind and inform people what you do. So why when we get busy, do we not do this? It’s a free service, and more importantly, it works!
The truth is, when we get busy, we think our time is more valuable spent on other areas. We think that Social Media is a time waster, and just for fun. WRONG! It is a great marketing tool and is helping driving business to your door.


For most businesses, Christmas time is a free for all. You put all your eggs in and hope to god to make the most of the festive spending spree. With this in mind, should you not be posting more and more on Facebook? Should you not be Tweeting until your thumbs fall off? Spreading the word to everyone about what you are selling and what you can do for them this Christmas.


Do not neglect Social Media this Christmas.

Don’t let it fall down the priority list, keep it up there and keep it moving. An in-active Facebook page doesn’t say “I’m too busy to post”. It says “I’m too lazy to post”. A busy Twitter feed shows a busy business and a growing business.

Which one do you want to be?


Ask for help temporarily to ease the pressure and no one needs to know, only you. Make the most out of your business this Christmas without having to sacrifice one area for another. Speak to us at Bridge PC Repair about how best to manage your Social Media when the sh#t hits the fan this Festive Season. No contracts, no hidden terms. Just a good service.

You can’t do it all, but together, we can make it all work for you.




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Zoe Hogan

Sales, Marketing & Social Media Expert. Zoe manages all our marketing and social media campaigns at Bridge PC Repair. She is our in-house Website and Graphic Designer. In between being a slave for us here, she also runs a number of highly successful Social Media campaigns for a wide variety of business’ here in the South East.

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