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As you are aware, we here at Bridge PC Repair are always harping on about the importance of having a good back-up system in place to back up your computer files and data.

Because we cannot avail of backing up to the cloud (rural broadband is still stuck in the Stone Age), we have tried and tested numerous ways to see which back-up is the most straightforward and which can be monitored by us off-site. We are now using software that creates a back up to a designated NAS Drive and emails us here in Bridge PC Repair a fully detailed report EVERY time a backup is done.

How Does It Work?

How it works is we come on-site and install setup and configure the back-up software on any machine that needs to be backed up. We also then install a NAS (Network Attached Storage) Drive onto the existing network and configure it so it is visible to any PC on the network workgroup. The machines we set up will then back up to that NAS Drive. We can set this to happen every day, once a week, once a month or manually if needed. Our software will shut down the machine after backup and we will have it configured so it sends us an email here in the office with details of whether the back-up was successful or not. In the event if an unsuccessful back-up, we can log on remotely to see what went wrong and set off a manual back-up or if hardware issues, we will call directly to the office (no charge).

Also included in this, we will schedule a callout every 3 months to test the NAS Drive and backed up files.

Obviously the only drawback to this system is the backup is still on-site and should a fire or burglary ever occur the back-up could be gone. To get around this, in other companies, we have set them up with 2 NAS Drives and have configured both to be exactly the same (name, workgroup, IP address, etc.). The customers then swap out the NAS Drives periodically, (usually every second week). This ensures that at any one time, the latest off-site back-up they have is, at most, 2 weeks old.
We are currently running this same exact setup successfully in various different businesses, ranging from a Doctors surgery with 2 users to a transport company with 7 users. The advantage of a monitored back-up is we can react to a back-up failure immediately and the user has peace of mind that their data is securely backed-up.

If you feel you need some support with making sure your informaiton is safe and secure, please call us here in the office on  051 560767.


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