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IFTTT LogoThis is the first in what will (hopefully) be a weekly blog post! We want to share with you our favourite apps, browser extensions and websites.


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First on the list is an app that I’ve grown to love. It’s a simple little app (and website) that does so much.

If This Then That, known as IFTTT, has so many uses across so many platforms. But what is it, I hear you ask?

IFTTT puts the internet to work for you. On the website you can create ‘recipes’ or use recipes shared by other users. Recipes are grouped into categories such as:

  • Recipes for surfing the internet
  • Recipes for the online shopper
  • Recipes for job seekers.
  • Recipes for iOS. Download the app here
  • Recipes for Android. You can find the app in the Play Store here:

By adding channels like Facebook, Twitter, email, Google Drive you can get the most out of your internet experience.

Not all recipes are internet based though. One of my most used recipes simple mutes my phone after 11pm and unmutes at 7am. This means no more notifications waking me at some ungodly hour.

Another extremely useful recipe (that I’m yet to need!) allows you to remotely turn up the volume on your phone by sending a text message containing a trigger word that you set. Handy for when your phone is lost in the house and it’s on silent!

You can use IFTTT to keep an eye on your favourite Twitter users by using a recipe to notify you when the user in question tweets. Handy for stalking your favourite celebrity!

Recipes follow a very simple structure:

If {trigger} then {do action}

For example, say you want to automatically unmute your phone when you leave work.

So, If {I leave work} then {unmute my phone}.

  1. Choose a Trigger Channel. In this case it’s Android Location (ie your location).
  2. Choose a Trigger which will be Exit Location.
  3. Set the Action Channel (Android device)
  4. Choose the action ie ‘Set Volume to 100%.
  5. Click ‘Create Action’ and you’re done! Your recipe will run automatically!

This is just one very simple example. The amount of recipes you can create is endless, if you can think of it you can probably create it or someone else has already.

The website is extremely easy to use as is the Android app (I haven’t used the iPhone app but I assume it’s just as easy!). You really can’t go wrong if you follow the steps!




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