This weeks App of the Week is short and Sweet! Flipd for Android wants to lock you out of your phone addiction


Sometimes, you need a break from smartphoning, and ironically enough —your smartphone can help! This time its an app called Flipd, a no-nonsense app that cuts you off from your smartphone. Once you select a determined time-out time and hit “Flip Off,” you’re locked out. You can select certain contacts that you can still call if need be, but that’s pretty much it. Smartphones are wonderful communication devices, but they can be excellent distraction machines as well.

To use it, you’ll need to log-in via Facebook or Google, and if you want to get access to all its features, you’ll also need to enable it to lock your screen via the device administrator. It walks you through how to do this if you click ‘Advanced Lock’ in the side-bar.

To give yourself a bit of downtime, you just need to hit the ‘Flip Off’ button and select how long you’d like to be locked out of your phone – you really are locked out though, so make sure you choose the duration wisely. The only exception to this lock is the 60 Second Unlock button, which gives you one minute of use once pressed, but it can only be used once per ‘Flip Off’ session.

You can also specify up to three contacts that you can still call while mid-Flip Off, plus you can always call 911 – but that’s not a lot of use to those outside the US.

You can find the app on the Play Store. It’s not available for iPhone currently.