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IFTTT LogoYou wake up in the morning to realise you’ve lost your phone after one too many alcopops. You try ringing it but no one is answering…..

It’s times like these when this week’s App of the Week will save your bacon…..


Category: Security, Anti-theft

Available:  Android (no iOS, Apple fans!)


Cerberus is a complete anti-theft application, the best protection you can get to recover your misplaced, lost or stolen Android device.

It has three ways to protect your device:
– Remote control through the website
– Remote control via text messages
– SIM Checker (for devices that have a SIM card): you will automatically receive alerts if someone uses your phone with an unauthorized SIM card

Remote control allows you to perform many operations on your device, like:
– Locate and track it
– Start a loud alarm, even if the device is set to silent mode
– Wipe the internal memory and the SD card
– Hide Cerberus from the app drawer
– Lock the device with a code
– Take a photo
– Record audio from the microphone
– Get a list of last calls sent and received
– Get information about network and operator the device is connected to

– And much more!

Cerberus automatically enables GPS if it is off when you try to localise your device (only on Android < 2.3.3) and you can protect it from unauthorised uninstalling.
The app works even if the device does not have an internet connection thanks to remote control by sms messages. Also, the SIM Checker feature allows you to know the new number to send texts to, if the SIM card is changed. Texts received and sent for Cerberus remote control will not start any notification and will not appear in the Messages application.
Cerberus does not drain the battery because there is no background service running: it will activate only if there is a remote control request and will stop afterwards.

How I’ve used it was to locate the phone via the website to get an idea of the general location, then remotely took a photo with the phone (which is emailed to you) to narrow down the search area. Once I’d figured out what I was looking at in the picture, it was easy to figure out where the phone was!

The app costs €4.99 for a lifetime license for up to 3 devices at any time and you can trial it for free for a week.

It’s been a life saver!


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