A security flaw in Android phones could give a hacker control of your mobile phone via a simple text message without you doing anything or even knowing. New research has claimed hackers could easily gain access to you android phone and use its camera, and microphone to spy on you or more.

Mobile security experts at Zimperium have discovered that by exploiting Android’s media library, called Stagefright, sending a single video message to your phone can gain them access. You do not need to play the video, click on the message, or interact with it in any way. As soon as you have received the text message, your phone is already infected, and the hacker has full control of your android phone. “It really is up to their imagintaion what they do once they get in,” said Joshua Drake, security researcher at Zimperium.

Google says that it has come up with a fix but can only apply it directly to its own Nexus phones. Samsung, HTC, Sony and other android phone maufacturers are aware of the danger and are working on security updates to fix the problem.

What to do to protect your phone from the hacker:

To protect against the bug, Android users are being advised to block messages from unknown users. You can do this by going to the ‘settings’ in the ‘messages’ app and then selecting the option that blocks messages from unknown senders. This way, only your contact list can send you text messages.


Mr Drake, vice president of platform research and exploitation at Zimperium, said that he would release further details of how the flaw works next week.




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